Hit the Brakes!

Immediately leading up to the release of the new Marine codex, I was planning on switching over to a full Drop Pod-borne force. This was due to the improvements to Tigurius making the force reliable from reserve, my interest in Forgeworld Deathstorm Drop Pods, and a general sense of boredom with my bike force. I was even pondering selling off all my bikers to finance the additional drop pods I'd need.

I've hit the brakes on that plan, and I think I'm going to stick with bikers for a while.

The reasons for this are several. At first, I was adamant that I would only ever use Ultramarines Chapter Tactics, as that is what I have my Marines painted as. I called codex-hoppers cheese dicks, and burned some bridges. Then I realized that my fellow Ultramarine players were taking non-Ultra CTs, and that even in prior editions, I was using non-Ultra characters like Lysander from time to time. I was being a hypocrite! So, instead of being a hypocrite and an elitist, I'm embracing the mechanic and the options it presents. (Part of this was also inspired by reading an article over at House of Paincakes about archetypes at an FLGS, and realizing I was one of those fluff guys who was acting better than others based on army choices).

So, I am going to use White Scars Chapter tactics for my bikers. I've spent YEARS building the force, and now it's finally "good." Why not play it like it's designed to be played? It's all the things I always wanted my bikers to be!

I'll also be using my Khan model, which I've used for ages as my Biker Captain. Khan is cheaper now, and the only major change to his stats is the switch from "everyone can outflank" to "everyone has Scout (which allows outflank).

The change from bikers was also based in part on the frustrations of the Fast Attack slot. ALL of my solid supporting units were crammed into the FA slot. Attack bikes, speeders, Assault Marines, scout bikes, etc. Add in the Stormtalon, and it was one crowded slot.
However, the new book adds some speedy choices to different slots, freeing up some FA roles to be filled by those other units. Vanguard Vets moved to Elites from FA, which is AWESOME. They're still an expensive unit points-wise, but the fact that they use an Elite slot makes them the best and only speedy Elite I can take in my themed forced.
Techmarines moved from Elite to non-slot HQ. I can now take my Techmarine Biker as a non-slot choice. Nice. Of course, he doesn't fill the Elite slot for composition scoring like he used to, but oh well.
The Stormraven is officially added, and it is in the Heavy slot. That slot was always a bitch to fill for my bikes, and I often ended up taking a lone Predator which was promptly blown up by all of the antitank in my opponent's army. I can also use the Stormraven to deliver Vanguard Vets or Assault Marines. Dreads don't fit the theme, so I'll leave the grapple empty.
Command Squads also got cheaper on bikes. They used to cost 90 points for bikes. Now, just 35! Of course, I have to pay for an Apothecary, but bitching about that while still saving 40 points would be foolish.

This decision alters the to-do list quite a bit. It ends up looking like this:
 - 5 Vanguard Vets with jump packs. No upgrades.
 - 1 Jump Pack Librarian. Replaces my current JP Lib who's looking a little underwhelming next to my current models.
 - 1-4 Biker Command Squad veterans armed with power lances. I've had the bits to do this since 6th came out, now I have reason to bother with them.
 - 1 Stormraven Gunship. Fully magnetized and interior painted.

I'll still be working on the Nids and non-bike Marines for variety's sake, but I think I have my immediate queue lined out for a while.


  1. In an ideal world(and one where these kits were like 5$ each) having models painted for each CT would be awesome. I'm sure everybody will just start their own color scheme to switch tactics each game as they wish so why shouldn't you do the same. The alternative is run all bare plastic :P
    Painting the Stormraven cockpit is necessary(IMO) but the interior of the transport is impossible to see without a flashlight. I wouldn't spend much time on that if I were you.
    re you getting the new VV kit? Looks nice.

    1. Good point about the Stormraven transport bay. I painted the interiors of all my Rhinos because I originally magnetized all of the rear ramps and the tops are removable. The Stormraven might be the first model I don't paint the interior of.

      I am thinking about the new VV kit. I got the new Sternguard box and like the variety of arms and weapons. But, I'm not a huge fan of all the overly ornate shoulder pads. EVERYTHING has a laurel on it, and I was under the impression that laurels were only given to standard bearers. Of course, I could probably just sell off any parts I don't like to recoup the cost.
      I kinda want all my V-Vets to have beakie helmets, and the VV box has several.

    2. My impression about the laurels was backward, apparently. All standard bearers must have laurels, but not all laurels are worn by standard bearers. Oops!