No Progress

Real life has taken a toll on me of late, and I haven't managed to start working on my Tyranid project. I have a bag of Carnifex back plates to start working on, but haven't had the time to sit down and prime them. I want to try airbrushing a white homemade primer, using the same recipe as my black primer, but with white craft paint. I'd planned to take an hour to do so on Sunday, but got distracted listing things on eBay. Oops.

I have managed to slowly pick away at my fifth (or sixth?) attack bike. Only a few more colors to go on the bike and that's done, then on to the driver and gunner. I'm only managing fifteen to thirty minutes a session right now, but "Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick."
I have to content myself with small progress these days.

We have a team pairs event coming up in February at the FLGS. 925 points per team member. Each member must take an HQ and one Troop, but the rest of the FOC is shared. I'm curious as to what sort of shenanigans we'll be seeing, like Necron/Tau night fight hooey (slightly less useful now with Dark Angels' night vision goggles). Your armies can't share effects or psychic powers but blanket stuff like Night Fighting or the effects of Doom/Enfeeble/etc still work.
I can't decide what I'll run. I'm leaning toward troop-heavy, but am also thinking about bikes. Problem is, 925 pts is damn near pointless for bikes. I also considered an Ultrawing force, wince at 925 you can fit Belial and about 3 squads of TDA, plus a Dread if you keep it cheap.

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