In, or out?

I got some more time in with the Hive Tyrant last night. I went back and applied Liquid Greenstuff to some of the gaps in his torso and toes. They probably would have been ok, but I was more and more annoyed by them the more I looked at them. It was only a partial success, as the gaps I was looking at were really hard to reach with sand paper or a file (which is why I left them alone initially). So, I thinned down the Liquid GS a bit and hoped it would fill enough for the primer to cover the gap. It didn't really work, but the nice thing about thinning Liquid GS is that it clings closely to the model, meaning you don't need a ton of sanding to make it blend in, which is good because I couldn't reach it anyways!

No photo updates today, as I had everything clamped and propped to let the glue cure. I'm hoping to get some tonight.

After that, I got his legs glued to the tail, and the tail to the torso. I'm leaving his head and arms as separate pieces for painting. If I assembled them, I'd have a bitch of a time painting the back of the head, neck, and arm sockets. I have a plan to create a gradient look on the joints, so it shouldn't look too abrupt when the arms and neck join the body.
I tried putting those little spike plates over the arm joints, but wasn't a huge fan of how they looked. Very "tacked on" looking. I also considered sculpting some sort of connective tissue from torso to arm/neck, but am not sure how to go about that while still allowing myself to paint the pieces separately.
Any ideas?

My big "what if" for today is in regards to the arms. I have the two scything talons that come with the Tyrant kit as his upper arms, and two of the smaller ones from the Mawloc kit as his lower arms. I did a test fit of the massive Carnifex talons as his upper arms, but they were too large. Talons that large would be impossible for him to swing with any sort of dexterity.
I really like the smaller Mawloc talons as his lower set. They are wider, with more of an armored look. The plan is to pose those close in to his chest, like a bit of armor covering his abdomen as he leaps forward. Once he's on the ground again and the enemy is in close, he'd start stabbing and cutting with those.
The thing I'm agonizing over is the posing of his upper talons. If he's leaping forward to attack, should his talons be extended like claws, or coiled like a snake and waiting to snap down on impact?
There is only one set of Nid talons in the entire range that are extended, and they're the ones from the old "Monstrous Creature" sprue. Those were designed for third edition Tyranids, and they're ugly as hell. They even lack the same sharp details from the current kits. I'm trying to avoid using them.
My only other alternative, if I want talons extended, is to take two separate sets of the same current talons, and chop the hell out of them. Cut the bicep area from one set and resculpt the elbow joint. Cut the forearm section from another set, again resculpting the elbow joint. Cut the talon from either set, resculpt the wrist joint. Then pin all of those in succession in the proper pose, fill the joints with the correct ribbed tissue, and done! It's an ambitious project for an amateur sculptor like myself. Thankfully, I already own enough sets of the talons to try it out without major additional cash outlay.
Do you think it's needed though? You'd have to picture it in your head as I don't have the pictures up yet, but would the Tyrant look better with top talons extended like spears, or tucked in like scythes?

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