The Shakes!

In my spare time, I'm a hobby gardener. I have several raised garden beds, and I like to grow vegetables. Part of this is pragmatism (food grown in your yard is infinitely cheaper and better than grocery store food), and part comes form just enjoying the process of planting and watching things grow.
How does any of this have anything to do with Warhammer or wargaming?

Last night I decided I really needed to get off my butt and clear the grass away from my old raised beds (I made them from cedar picket fence remnants, I'm a salvage nut at heart) and the newly planted beds. I took last week off of work for a vacation (I called it "Mental Health Week"). Sadly, it was too brutally hot to properly work in the yard, so the grass grew almost a foot tall in the areas I couldn't reach with the riding mower.

My plan was to run out there with the push mower, hit the area with the weed trimmer after that, and then go inside and work on a base coat on the Hive Tyrant and some metallics on a Sternguard model.
I got the mowing done, and then fired up the weed trimmer. It's a new piece of kit, as I was sick and tired of my garbage electric trimmer. It's also a tad heavy, and I need to get a shoulder strap for it. I trimmed around the garden beds, and then got distracted and started trimming around the old well head on my property, then the area where the Department of Transportation replanted my lawn after tearing it up during construction last year, and then various other unsightly spots.
Before I knew it, I'd run the trimmer for an hour. I dusted myself of all the grass trimmings, and went inside to paint.

I got my rinse water, a clean palette, and sat down. I picked up a brush, and realized that I would not be painting that evening. I had the shakes! The hour of lugging and using the heavy trimmer left the muscles in my forearms and hands full of lactic acid, causing a complete inability to use the fine motor skills needed for detail painting. Oops!

So, that's my reason for not having progress pics for you today. It'll be Friday or Saturday at the earliest, as I've got a hockey game tonight (first of the summer season!) and will likely be wiped out on Thursday night.
Yard work is bad for painting progress!


  1. Ah yes, the weed-whacker shakes, good stuff. Only thing I've had worse than that was hours of a jack-hammer. It made holding a can of soda impossible.

  2. I can definitely relate. I only have a push mower and after doing my lawn I don't usually have the shakes but it's often hard to grip a brush without cramping until I've had a couple of hours (and a beer) to relax everything.

    Sometimes I miss being young and endlessly resilient.