Thank the Emperor!

I haven't heard better news in a while:

No super walker for Marines. HUZZAH! I hated the idea from the beginning, and I am so very happy it was proven wrong.

Of course, we're also now seeing talk of a new Marine armor type, the Centurion. Basically, it's a Marine in power armor with a gun harness. I'm not sure how I feel about that. The sketches seen on some of the rumor sites are rough, and they have guns on the harness right next to the Marine's head. It reminds me a lot of Battle Beasts, which were one of my FAVORITE toys when I was a kid. (Trivia point: I sold all my Battle Beasts on eBay in 2007 for a couple hundred bucks that went to rent and some used 40K models).
These Centurions are supposed to be Heavy Support, which makes them almost direct competition for Devastators. That makes me sad, as I have a soft spot for the classic Battle Company formation (Tacs, Assault, Devs). 
There's also talk of a old-yet-new anti-air tank, the Hunter. It's an old Epic tank that's never seen 40K scale rules, as far as I know. It sounds interesting, being a Predator-level vehicle with Whirlwind style guns. I'm sure it'll have Skyfire, but will it have Interceptor?
The thing I'm most excited about are the new kits. There's word of new boxes for Vanguard, Sternguard, and Tactical Marines. All of them are supposed to have more ornate armor with studded sections, seals, parchments, etc. I'm hoping for some "advancing" poses for Tactical Marines. Maybe some non-screaming helmetless heads for HQs. There's also supposed to be plastic clam packs for Chaplains and Librarians. I'm less excited about these, as the plastic clam pack models are great, but tend to be mono-pose models with little customizability. We'll see!
In painting news, I worked more on my Hive Tyrant last night. I'd gotten his carapace all the way up to Faded Khaki, but when I compared it to the talons I've already finished, it didn't match! I realized that I'd gone overboard with the light color, and forgotten to leave some dark areas at the top of each plate. I had to go back in with shade colors and flow improver and darken the top of each plate. I'm realizing how detrimental it is to paint separate pieces of a model months and months apart.
No new Marine progress, unfortunately. I've still got that Sternguard model hanging out on the desk waiting for his midtone coat.
I'm also waiting for the wife to buy another bottle of wine that has a cork and not a screw top. I have four Genestealers mounted to corks, and I need that fifth cork! She keeps buying screw-top wine without any consideration to my hobby needs, lol!

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