Yes, It's a Long Break

Yes, yes. I know there has been a very long break between posts here. I'm in one of those super busy points in non-war gaming life (aka "real life"), so free time isn't as plentiful as it used to be, and what little I've had has been spent on other things.

I finally finished the play kitchen for my son, and it's a huge hit. In the end, I compromised on the wiring of the oven and stove top just to get it done. However, I made sure to leave a removable access panel in the back so I can update it eventually. I had put XMas lights under the holes drilled in the stove top for light-up burners, but I plan to buy a bunch of loose LEDs and wire those in instead. The fridge light works great though, and it's his favorite part of the whole thing. The little "whooooah" every time he opens the door and the light comes on is awesome.

Now that I'm not spending nearly every spare moment in the basement working on that, I can get back to painting 40K stuff. I have picked away at my drop pod from time to time, and now have the fins up to the final coat, and ready for line highlights. After that is metallics, which should go fast. It's surprising how hard it is to paint something like the fin assembly of a drop pod. I found myself constantly forgetting to paint inside the little vent areas on each fin and had to go back several times to make sure. I won't get into too much detail here, as I don't have the picture to support the talk. I'll have to snap some tonight between periods of the Bruins game.

I have also collected up the parts for my Company Champion and begun cleaning them of mold lines. I', hoping to pull off a neat arm chop job in order to pose him in a shield-guard stance. I did notice a minor irritant when working with the new Sternguard kit. Seems GW switched the location of the alignment pitons (pegs, plugs, whatever, I wanted to use "pitons" in a sentence!) from the front torso half to the back. If you try to put a new torso front on an old torso back, you have to slice off all of the alignment pitons. Minor issue.
I'll get pics of this guy's components up as well.

This Saturday is the FLGS's monthly tourney. 1250 points, and I'm hoping and praying I can make it. If so, I plan to slap together a Black Templars list using my Ultramarines models. Not for cheese purposes, but to get a feel for how each Chapter Tactic plays out on the table. My feeling is that a Templar list has to rely a lot on its Sword Brothers. I figure I can use my Ultramarine Honour Guard models as Sword Brothers leading bolter-armed guys as Crusader Squads. Sadly, I have no non-sniper Scouts to use as Neophytes. I can toss all my sergeant models in those squads as the "extra" power weapon/fist allowed in each squad. Stuff them all in Rhinos and you have a bare bones Templar test list.

The crew at the FLGS recently gathered up for a Forgeworld order. I put in for a Deathstorm Drop Pod (missiles) and a Mortis Missile launcher arm for my Dreads. I've always wanted a couple Deathstorms, and the math on converting them turned out to be more expensive than just buying one. I figure the Mortis missile arm is also a cheap anti-air option. Slap a couple missile arms on a Dread and you have a model that can frag infantry, fire missiles at ground armor, and stand still to hit aircraft. Better than the Icarus lascannon and ADL I've been using. that Hunter/Stalker kit is growing on me though, as are the rules for the Hunter.

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