For Sale...

I'm pulling the trigger on selling/trading my Tyranid models. I put them up on Bartertown last night, and figured I might as well toss them up here as well.

Here's what I have, and the general asking price. Prices are negotiable, and let me know if you think anything is outrageously priced.

Set of Forgeworld Shrike Wings ($25). New, never used, straight from FW.

Set of Forgeworld Flying Rippers ($30). New, never used, some knocked off of the sprues, but all intact. I got these from someone on Bartertown.

Space Hulk Broodlord ($40). New and unassembled.

Old, metal Hive Guard with lashwhip and shield ($5). Painted a dingy yellow. No base.

Incomplete, metal Lictor ($10). He's missing one leg. Head is glued into the torso, and one of the talons is from the limited edition army box Lictor. No base.

Eleven prior-edition Warriors ($110 for the whole lot). All are new on sprue, or new off sprue. Includes eleven of the core body sprues, and the equivalent of four of the biomorph upgrade sprues. Bases not pictured, but I will scrounge up enough to fit the whole lot. Remember, these are the previous edition Warriors, so they don't have laswhips and boneswords, and whatnot.

One Carnifex body with a ton of weapon and head sprues ($30). No base. What you see in the pics is what you get. The largest set of scything talons is missing. I bought the body as bitz, and had intended to cobble together a full fex from the sprues. It'll make a perfectly playable Fex, I just want all the sprues gone with him, hence the bundle.

Two pairs of wings from WHFB Crypt Horros/Vargouls ($3). I'd planned to use these to make some Shrikes.

Genestealer lot ($22 ). Same deal as the Fex, I bought various parts and was cobbling together some models. You'll be able to build a dozen Genestealers from the bodies and heads, and enough arms to outfit them all in some manner. I'll scrounge up enough slotted bases to outfit the dozen unbuilt models. I'll toss in the five partially built models in the last pic for free to anyone who buys the lot.

Gaunt weapons lot ($4). WYSIWYG on this lot.

Ripper lot ($5). Seventeen of the little buggers, no bases.

Misc Nid Bitz bag. ($best offer). This is a standard sandwich bag full of various weapons and biomorph addons. Honestly, it's a significant number of spinefists and some other junk mixed in.

Limited Edition Army Box Lictor ($50). This guy is currently sitting in a stripping solution, but is clean and unaltered. no base. If you need a picture before buying, let me know and I'll be able to grab on in a day. He's just got a couple small spots left to clean of stubborn paint.

I'll let the entire lot go for $310 if you want it all.


  1. I'd like the crypt horror wings if possible. Not much else I need though, so it might be cost prohibitive to ship them... email is Rob @ my domain.com

    1. It's actually all up on eBay now. I bundled the wings in with all the other bitz for one listing.

  2. Replies
    1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251518397219?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  3. Watching.

    I've no need for the rest of the stuff, but if the price is right, I'll pick it up. Thx.

  4. Hi
    Do you still have the Shrike Wings for sale?

    Kind regards,


    1. No, sorry. All of that was sold months and months ago.