Last List of Sixth

This coming Saturday is the final monthly tournament at the FLGS before 7th Edition drops. I'm able to go, so I had to decide on a list. I thought about running bikes as a goodbye to 6th, since they've been my calling card for so long. But to be honest, I've neglected that whole sector of my collection lately and not kept up with the times. My Captain is poorly armed for the modern game, and I've not added any new models on bikes in a very long time.
I decided to keep plugging forward with my little project to try out all of the Chapter tactics in succession. So, that meant I needed to build an Iron Hands list. Here's what I came up with:

Master of the Forge - conversion beamer, The Armor Indomitus

Tactical Squad - 5 men, sergeant with bolter and meltabombs, missile launcher, las/plas Razorback
Tactical Squad - 10 men, heavy bolter, flamer, sergeant with pistol/chainsword and meltabombs, Rhino
Tactical Squad - 10 men, lascannon, plasmagun, sergeant with pistol/chainsword and meltabombs, Rhino

Landspeeder Squadron - 2 speeders with heavy bolters and assault cannons
Attack Bike Squadron - 2 bikes with heavy bolters

Dreadnought - plasma cannon, DCCW+storm bolter
Dreadnought - twin-linked lascannon, missile launcher
Mark V Mortis Dreadnought - two missile launchers

Ironclad Dreadnought - chainfist+meltagun, DCCW+heavy flamer, Ironclad Assault Launchers, 2 HK missiles, Drop Pod
Predator - twin-linked lascannon, lascannon sponsons, HK missile, storm bolter.
Thunderfire Cannon

1850 points on the nose.

I thought about taking a Chapter Master on a bike and all that garbage, but I just can't bring myself to do that stuff. I thought about a master in TDA with a hammer and the Shield Eternal, but he was almost as expensive as Marneus Calgar and would have needed either an Honour Guard or Terminator escort and a Land Raider. Simply too expensive for the modern game.
Instead, I went with a fluffy Master of the Forge who would allow me to cram a fourth Dread in the list. I thought about poaching the Techmarine model from my Thunderfire Cannon to represent him, but settled on my conversion beamer-armed model. I was going to leave him naked, but then I struck on the idea that the Armor Indomitus gives you Relentless. One of the biggest weaknesses of the MotF with a Beamer is that he can't move and shoot, meaning he tends to get closed on and eliminated or weakened. Well, in the Armor he can move and still shoot. We'll see how it works out.

I don't have any Servitors painted (but a small horde of them laying unused), so I opted for a 5-man tactical Squad as his escort. Good enough to serve as meat shields, with a missile launcher for complimentary fire. Plus they can squat on an objective and fire that beamer all day.

I sank a lot of points into the Ironclad, because he's fun as hell and I figure dropping him in the pod someplace nasty will be a nice way to baptize the pod. I've got the two "basic" Dreads, and then the Mark V Mortis with missiles for anti-air. It'll be interesting to see if I can keep him alive long enough to fire shots at flyers.

I put way too much gear on the Predator, and I may strip some of it off. But I've been running up against a lot of MCs in recent memory, and the tri-las Predator can knock down big bugs as well as armor and Terminators. The Thunderfire is another fluffy way to get more Iron Hands style models in. It doesn't hurt that it's freaking AMAZING now.

The Fast Attack choices are largely there for gunning down infantry. The speeders put out six heavy bolter and eight assault cannon shots per turn, and the attack bikes have six heavy bolter and 2-4 twin-linked bolters.

We'll see how the list works out. I need to actually remember to use the 6+ FNP saves, as well as roll for IWND on the vehicles. Should be an interesting three games at least.
Once 7th drops, I'll try a Salamanders list and then close the experiment with Raven Guard.

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