Standard Bearer Progress

This weekend allowed me a few good hours of painting, which I used to work on my Standard Bearer for my Command Squad. This is what he's looking like as of today:

I still have all the red to do (eyes, purity seals, tabard) as well as the linen of the seals and the freehand on his armor and shoulder pads. After that is the standard itself. I have it primed and mounted, but haven't touched it with paint yet.

I tried a slightly different approach with the gold this time around. I started with my standard brown, then gold, then wash with Gryphonne Sepia. But instead of going back to my base gold, I skipped right to Reaper MSP New Gold, which used to be my first highlight color. I like the brightness of it, so I'll be sticking with that from now on.

The next veteran in line is the demolition specialist, who'll end up with meltabombs and a meltagun, plus a bolter. I successfully repaired his armor collar (from the FW Mk4 power weapons kit; it was miscast too thin), and added some rivets to his armor using microbeads. I'll get a picture as soon as I can (hopefully tonight). Thus far, I've only stuck the torso on the legs and let it sit to dry. I sometimes rush assembly stages, and end up knocking parts out of alignment slightly while glue dries or cures.


  1. Looking great. I agree that this gold process looks better. It's a bit cleaner and brighter.

    1. Thanks. I think this gold recipe also ends up being less grainy. Sometimes my gold would separate, leaving the binder and pigment unmixed, which resulted in odd looking gold. This seems to avoid some of that.
      I see a lot of tutorials and painters who go all the way up to bright silver on their gold, and I've done so before, but never felt comfortable with it. There's a super light touch of it on the model that washed out with the overhead unfiltered light, but not enough to be glaring. Should I go all the way to bright silver?

    2. I go to silver but I work with darker golds and so my silver is extreme highlight only. I think doing the same here would work though, even on a brighter color. If you edge highlighted it all in silver then that may look off but just the high points should look good.