Raven Guard Leviathan Siege Dreadnought

Morning, all. I've been absent from the blog for quite a while now, so I wanted to share some pics so you know I'm not gone. Just busy with farm work. I opened our farm stand the other day, and have been busy with general farm life.
Originally, I wanted to pen some fluff to go with this guy, but I haven't typed anything up yet. I'll just have to add it later when I've had a chance to get it typed up. In short, he's a lost relic that was recently rediscovered and can't fully remember who he is.
The model itself was an absolute blast to work on, and on the table he's incredibly fun whether he lives or dies. I point him at the biggest enemy model and drop the leash. I'm thinking of a way to add kill markings to him for auspicious kills like Knights and such. Anyone got any suggestions? I thought about adding small red lightning bolt transfers around the "wrist" of whichever weapon made the kill. The drill for vehicular kills, the claw for monsters.


  1. Well done. I see you broke it up a bit with the brass; looks good.

    Those are decals on there? If so, good job. I'm not seeing obvious lines.

    Man, gotta work on your white balance in the pics. It's all sepia.

    1. Yeah, decals. Gloss varnish the whole area where the decal goes, not just a circle for the decal itself, apply Micro Set, apply decal, let dry. Apply Micro Sol as many times as needed, let dry, thin coat of gloss varnish, dry, Testors Dullcote.

      The photos are from my phone. They didn't clean up well at all. Can't seem to shake the sepia tint. I have to buy a new camera battery. Phone pics just aren't working. I took a ton of every Raven Guard model I've painted so far, and they were all terrible before and after correction.