Raven Guard Assault Squad Cyrax, Complete

Assault Squad Cyrax is now complete. Let's jump right into photos and I'll ramble afterward.

Hopefully, I've gotten rid of the sepia tones that plagued my previous photos. I did some reading and it was suggested that to take good images of black objects, you point the camera at a neutral gray item, open the shutter (half-press the button on a digital camera), shift to the black item, and then take the shot. I used the bottom of a bottle of gray paint (you can just see the cap on the far left of the first few images). That seems to have helped.

I actually ran these guys in the FLGS's monthly tournament last weekend. They hopped around, trying to stay out of LOS until it was time to kill things or expose themselves to grab an objective. In my first game of the day they only fired once, but accounted for over twenty Guardsmen in a single shooting phase. Double flamers, frag grenade, and bolt pistol shots on grouped Guard was cruel.

I discovered that Raven Guard play MSU very well with jump troops who can stay out of line of sight until the last moment. Provide very few targets and focus heavily on grabbing objectives and maneuvering for others. I don't have any major shooting or death stars in my army other than my Leviathan (who I shoved into a drop pod to great effect), so staying disengaged as long as possible was a key factor to my tied-for-third place finish.

Now that the squad is done, I've been building a small tactical squad with plasma cannon and combi-plasma while waiting for Dreadtober to begin. I'll have my pledge post up soon. I'm going to be painting a Venerable Dreadnought.


  1. That's a good looking squad. Well done.

    It must feel good to not be painting blue?

    The sepia is definitely way toned down. There's a slight hint of it, but nothing that detracts from the images or hides your colors.

    1. Thanks. I really enjoy painting jump troops for some reason.
      I didn't miss painting Ultramarines the way I used to, with six layers of paint and two of highlights, etc. These Raven Guard are simple to paint, faster, but also less engaging. They don't start to feel interesting until I get the decals on. Finishing models feels like a slog sometimes. But every new unit added is a great feeling I've not had since Fifth Edition or thereabouts. That feeling of building an army and not just adding a few models here and there.

      I think I may have figured out the sepia thing. I photograph on a dark brown wood table. Maybe the light is bouncing from the wood to the models and tinting things. I'll try completely covering the table in white paper next time.

  2. They look awesome, it would be fun to have a whole army of jump troops - very Raven :-)
    For the sepia, look to see if you camera has white balance options, even the point and shoot have different settings. Depending on the lighting, it may need to react differently.

    1. Thanks!
      I'll have to dig up the manual for the camera I'm using. Some fancy pants Nikon the wife bought.