Inaugural Post!

Ahhhh, the inaugural post of Thin Your Paint! Feels nice.
The first post of any blog should introduce the author, so here we go.

I'm known at my FLGS (Crossroad Games in Standish, ME) as Todd the Goalie, but online I go by TheRhino (or at Bolter and Chainsword as ShinyRhino). The history of the Rhino handle goes far back into the mists of time, before I started playing Warhammer 40K. It actually goes all the way back to Quake 2. I'm old, man. Old.

I'm a Space Marine player, through and through. You'll often see me pining to start a new army in my posts, but it may never happen. I started painting Ultramarines in...2008? Myabe 2007. Since then, I've amassed this:

That, Dear Reader, is four years of work. It's mighty tough to move on from four years of work comprising hundreds of man-hours. I'm still going strong on my Ultras, and the main content of this blog will be works in progress and projects involving my army.
I've won a couple painting awards in my time. Two "Best in Show" style awards in small GT-style events, and a couple individual model awards. Honestly, I'm still amazed I've won anything at all.

I'm not much of a competitive gamer. I've always played the units I like, in the lists I enjoy. That being said, the only time I really get to play the game is at the FLGS's monthly tournaments. You won't find a ton of army list ideas or power builds here on the blog. I'll opine about this option or that, and make some suggestions or such here and there.

One thing I'm semi-known for in my area is my love of Space Marine bikers. You probably spotted the large number of them in the picture above. I've loved the speed and style of Marine bikes since the first time I fielded them. I'm a fan of the "fast" army build, and take bikes and Assault Marines whenever I can (and when I'm not bored with them). I wrote a tactica article on Marine biker armies over at the Bolter and Chainsword that is referenced from time to time by posters there, but it's in dire need of an update for 6th Edition. You'll be seeing bits and pieces of that here on the blog, as well.

I should note that this blog is a result of moving my existing blog from the Bolter and Chainsword site. It was a good place to start, but I'd like to expand my readership and project base beyond the confines of the B&C. If you're curious about the content of that blog, you can find it here: BLOG.

I think that's a pretty good inaugural post, so I'll stop the rambling for the day. Expect an update on the attack bike project I've been working on in the next couple days!


  1. First!

    Yes, yes I just did that.

  2. Hey shiny! Great to see your name again, I hadn't checked the bolter in ages! Looking forward to keeping a more regular eye on your progress.
    Ps any chance of putting a 'follow' button on the blog please mate?

    1. /wave!
      I think I added the right widget to the blog for followers.