We're Still Here!

Since I'm typing this without wearing a Hazmat suit, or while fighting off zombies, the world has not ended. Huzzah! Now we can all get back to 40K-ing.
My short holiday break was light on hobby. I put a few coats of paint on the plasma cannoneer I've been picking away at, but that's about it. I didn't ask for any 40K for XMas, since I have plenty already to work on. However, my brother-in-law bought me a new drop pod as a gift, which I was very impressed with. I might bump up drop pods in my painting schedule as a result. I now have two, new in boxes, and that might help out some of my army builds (The Dreadbash list would love a pair of podded Dreads).

I'm still staring at five Sternguard helmets on my desk, as well (well, four and one finished). I need to get my butt in gear on these, as it's a unit I badly want available in my army options. It's a relatively simple process to complete the helmets, but I just can't seem to get up the traction to bother.

Some motivation might come from the January event at my FLGS. 1750 points, which is a points level that seems to be becoming very popular in the area. I'm fond of the point threshold there, and also like 1850. I feel that any more than 1850 is too cumbersome for 6th Edition tourney games due to the extra time it now takes to play a game. I don't like to go below 1750 too often as a Space Marine player, as I find the fight becomes far too lopsided toward horde-style armies. Marines simply cannot stack up against droves and droves of cheap, effective models like Gaunts, Guard, or Orks.
What points level has become the standard in your area in the new edition?  I know some areas of the US liked 2250 in 5th, but that seems like a really unwieldy number for 6th. 1850 was the European standard in 5th, or was it 1750? Have the players across the pond altered their numbers?

I could promise you folks a picture of the completed plasma cannoneer for next time, but we all know it won't happen. Maybe a quick WIP shot instead so you can see the big mold line I missed on his leg!


  1. I just closed out my poll on favorite game size and put up an article about it.

    I haven't accomplished anything hobby related for a while now really. Between shopping, wrapping, the holiday itself, driving back home...bleh, I'm beat!

    1. I saw that shortly after writing mine. Creepy!

  2. I'm wrapping up my last FW order, and have a pair of drop pods waiting to be primed.

    Only downside to an old home; I can't prime in the basement, because you can smell it through the house... and my garage is more of a uninsulated barn (to cold).