Post Charity Tourney Thoughts

This past Saturday was out FLGS' 'food drive' tournament. it was an effort to collect foodstuffs for a local food pantry. Donating items allowed you to purchase in-game effects. You can see the full chart in one of my older posts. I bagged up my donations and headed to the shop.
We had a nice turnout of 12 people, and a whole gaming table (4x8) covered in donations.

My first game was against a Space Wolf list, led by Logan. Two units of TDA wolf Guard, some Long Fangs, a couple units of Grey Hunters in TLLC Razorbacks, a tri-las Predator, and a Bastion with an Icarus.
The game ended in a win for me, mostly because my opponent forgot to read the mission fully and attempted to claim an objective with long Fangs instead of a a scoring unit. I did pull off the one "dirty trick" from my army list. I'd taken a Chapter Master, and used one of the donation perks to have his orbital bombardment not scatter at all. I dropped it so it was touching the Predator, Wolf Guard with Logan, and the Bastion. The Predator made a cover save (5+ from area terrain), I failed to wound the one WG I hit, and the bastion suffered a total collapse (result 7+). The collapse killed all but one Grey Hunter due to Jump Off rolls, and all but two Long Fangs from the 4d6 S4 hits and one "wound" from the penetrating hit. The last Hunter ran off the board as well. It was a nasty trick, but it worked oh-so-well.

Second game was against a Tau/Ork force. This one was a straight draw on every victory condition, due to my Tac Marines holding on in small groups, and me making a single Run roll on the final turn to contest the central objective. I needed a 4+, and had been rolling poorly all game. Thankfully, my dice warmed slightly for that turn, and we split all the points. I'd probably have done better if I'd remembered that units arriving from reserve cannot charge. My Honour Guard were in for a rude awakening when they lined up out of reserve in order to assault some Meganobz. They won the fight on the next turn when receiving the charge (due to a donation perk of granting their attacks Instant Death).

Third game was against Blood Angels led by Mephiston. before the game started, I pointed out that his list wasn't legal, as he'd somehow taken two missile launchers in a Tac Squad, but it wasn't major so we played it out. Mephiston was a pain the ass for my army, as I was short on lascannons and plasma that I'd normally use to cut him down. Despite that, I still managed a small win. I probably could have done better if I'd had a copy of the BA list in front of me, instead of hand written in the opponent's notebook, but nuts tome for not asking to see it again. The Land Raider he had parked on the central objective was a Dedicated Transport, not a Heavy Support slot, and if I'd simply maneuvered around it I'd have had that objective and taken more points. Hand written lists at a tournament are my pet peeve, and even more so when they're written someplace other than a loose sheet of paper that your opponent can freely look at.

All in all, a good day. We collected up a lot of food for the pantry, and I had three enjoyable games. Now, it's back to the painting table. I have Sternguard helmets to work on.

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