Caving to the Pressure?

I spent the last couple days of last week testing out colors for the armor on my Nids. I flopped around between a dark green, green-blue, gray, and khaki colors. I decided I had to test some stuff out before deciding, and slapped a ton of swatches right onto the talons I was working on:

There's a lot of random colors on there. I didn't end up using any of them. I slapped a light coat of primer back over the colors and started painting in an ochre brown scheme. I snapped a shot, but it got corrupted in the transfer from SD card to PC. I'll put up another later on, when I've got a few more layers on it and you can start to see the transition from dark to light.

I've also been thinking ahead to list design, and that's where the title of this post comes from. My intent when I first started working on a Nid army was to create an all-melee force. Everything that could fight in melee would have melee upgrades like scything talons, rending claws, and toxin sacs. I wanted a walking Tyrant with armored shell, a couple base Carnifex (all scytals), and scything/rending Warriors and Raveners. I even thought about doing nothing in the army with less than a 40mm base, which meant Warriors as troops. Then I became obsessed with Genestealers after playing some games of Death Angel and seeing some awesome Ymgarl sculpts. My Hive Tyrant isn't even half done, and I've managed to buy 25 or so Genestealers and a bunch of Gaunts. I never intended to run Gaunts!
I am falling into the same trap I fell into with Marines...buying and trading for items because they're cheap. I've got a box of stuff next to my desk, and it bothers me.
The more I read about Nids on blogs and forums, the more I drift toward playing a force I never intended to run. I'm looking at Dakkafexes, flying Tyrants with brainleech devourers, etc. I've held firm against Tervigons, but everything else seems to be eroding. I looked at gargoyles, and found them interesting as well. I never wanted to run any of those units!

At this point I can do one of two things: pare my now-growing Nid collection back down to what I actually intended to run, or cave to the competitive pressure and run models that are awesome on paper (and the table), but total crap in my mind. I'm not sure yet which way to go. I'd really like to hold to my convictions and run only 40mm+ base models with lots of all-melee upgrades. But where do i draw the line? I love Raveners both for the models and the rules. Raveners can take various shooting weapons, and still retain their melee orientation. Do I skip taking spinefists on a model they're actually useful for in order to preserve my all-melee force? Do I not take a Trygon because it has a base shooting attack? Gargoyles are incredibly useful, do I break the 40mm rule and the no-shooting rule to take them?

I think the first thing I have to do is purge myself of all these Termigaunts. I know I'll never actually use them, so I should try to trade or sell them towards Warriors. I'll hold onto the Hormagaunts and Genestealers because they do fit the melee rule, but not the 40mm rule, though I can see myself shedding the Hormas as well.

It's a good thing I caught this problem early. I can still salvage some value out of the gaunts while they're still new on sprue. If I'd assembled and painted a ton of them, I'd have lost a lot more time and money.
Of course,the biggest obstacle to my Nids right now is my lack of painting! I need to get rolling on the Tyrant at a faster pace. I have til November for him to be perfect and competition-ready, but if i stall that long on him, I'll never move onward to other models.


  1. The problem with an all melee force is balance to be competitive. You are going to take casualties and no small nids mean bigger expensive nids die instead. Big MC nids can stay all melee that's not bad (carnifexes do better with crushing claws not sycthing talons, more attacks). Plus new codex maybe next year so buy what you like. You maybe redoing them to work on the table

    1. Yeah, all-melee is a pipe dream, really. It's also pretty arbitrary, since some of the models I like the most have in-built shooting attacks (T-Fex has a ton, Trygon, etc).
      I think I need to sit down and write a 1000 point list to start, and stop buying models!
      There definitely does need to be some sort of numerous unit there to provide the early pressure, like Hormagaunts or Genestealers (probably Hormas). Something to soak a lot of those bolter-equivalent shots away from my Warriors and Raveners. Otherwise, stuff like Tactical Squads don't have any tough decisions to make. They just put everything on the Warriors and they drop like flies.

  2. I did just that with my Dark Eldar, I made a 2000 point list and went out and got only what I needed. It helped for trading as well when I needed more of one weapon type. But the satisfaction was the army I worked on was my whole list no excess. When its done adding other units are now fun side projects and just add to your collection. I can help with your Nid list. I have played them since they were introduced in Tyranid Advance 😊