More Paint and a Quick Army List

More progress on the Hive Tyrant from last evening.
Here is one of his talons worked up to Green Ochre:

And the talon worked up to two coats of Faded Khaki:

You can see a couple tide lines on this talon's armor plates from the shading wash I applied. With something like Space Marine armor, I'd have had to spend time retouching that area entirely. With organic things like Nids, I can just leave them there and they end up sinking under the lighter coats, leaving a sort of sublimated pattern that looks like it's part of the natural growth of the plates.
I'm trying to figure out what tone is best to lighten the Faded Khaki, since it's got that green-brown tint to it. I'm leaning toward an ivory color. Folks over on the Reaper Message Board suggested that as well. Alternatively, I have a very light green I can use, but my concern is going to further colors would leave me stuck with that green as my highlight, and I don't want a pale green highlight on these parts.

I also spun up a very rough army list to paint toward, aiming for 1000 points. By the time I'd picked out all the units I wanted to use, I was at 1700 points! So, I started snipping out units and came up with this, which is 1161 points. I obviously need to drop something, but have no idea what to drop:

HQHive Tyrant (double scything talons, armored shell, paroxysm, psychic scream) - 210
Tyrant Guard - 60

TROOPS10 Genestealers, Broodlord, scything talons - 206
5 Warriors (no upgrades) - 150

ELITES5 Ymgarl Genestealers - 115

FAST3 Shrikes (adrenal glands, double scything talons) - 120
4 Raveners (spinefists) - 140

HEAVYCarnifex (frag spines) - 165

It's a pretty crappy list, but it focuses on models I like. I really wanted to put a basic T-Fex in there, but he was just far too expensive. Maybe in the 1500 point bump.
The Carnifex is the easiest thing to drop, since it is almost exactly the points I'm over, leaving me 4 spare to play with (which can't really be used for anything here).

I did have one rules question while working on the Warrior unit last  night though, so any of you Nid experts, care to help me out?

Can a unit of Warriors that has exchanged all of its Devourers for another set of scything talons still have one Warrior with a Venom Cannon or Barbed Strangler?

It's one of those order of operations issues, like with a Space Marine Company Champion or an Ork Nob. The option for venom cannon/strangler is listed before the option to swap devourers for other biomorphs. If I swap that one Warrior's devourer for a strangler, and then elect to swap all devourers for talons, he's got no talons to swap, so does he keep the strangler and remain a valid choice?

Going by the Ork Nob FAQ, I'd say yes. Does that seem right?


  1. I'm pretty sure it can, as a dated codex the idea is to give the unit one heavy weapon. I hope they fix them though and go to optional for each one like the prior codex and operate like a GK: Paladin squad

    1. That's what I figured. Hopefully they do revise some of the Warrior-strain units in the book next time around. Wound shenanigans are gone, so there's not much to fear there balance-wise.