If It's Brown...

...it means I'm making progress! Or it means you were raised in a water-conserving household.
The green on my Tyrant is done, and I've moved on to the brown carapace. Here's the washed-out photo to prove it:
This is just the basecoat color, which will be shaded and brought up to match the arms. If you forget what those looked like:

It may not look like the greens match, but that's because I'm terrible about setting up my lights. The first shot was taken right under my OttLight, and that gives it a blue tint. The second was a little out and to the right of the light.  
I think the best, most motivational time in the process of painting a model is when you finish the "main" color. For these Tyranids, it's the green. The process of painting the green body is long and tedious. For my Ultramarines, it's the blue. As soon as I get beyond those two colors and start hitting details, the process becomes far more interesting. I think it might be because when you're going from primer to body color, there's not much to look at. You have some nicely shaded and highlighted blue or green, but little else. Once you start hitting detail colors, the model really starts to take shape as an actual [I]figure[/I] instead of just a [I]model[/I].
I foresee my work ramping up on the Tyrant as a result of this extra little bump of motivation, at least until I hit the base building stage. Still stumped on that one, and really need to do some experiments with it. I've just been too tired or busy lately.
I'm going to try to have a photo of some kind of work in progress every Friday from now on. The blog has a lot of text-only posts, and those are pointless, especially when I'm talking about painting!


  1. I like the green and brown combo. It's going to look great when it's done!

    I know exactly what you mean about that tipping point between chore and enjoyable hobby. For me it's usually as a finish the base coat on the second or third color. It's that point that makes batch painting such a chore for me. Although it gets you through the process faster it also makes you spend more consolidated time in the chore phase of the process.

    1. Yeah, I'm not really looking forward to batch painting the gribblies, like Genestealers, but I'm going to have to accept it as a requirement for producing more than two models a year.

  2. Nice to see this model progressing. It's coming along great!