Sternguard! Jumping Bug!

I found the time this weekend to take some semi-good photos of the Sternguard model I just finished, and the current status of my Hive Tyrant.
Here's the Sternguard:

Simple and clean, as is my current trend with Marines. This is the last Sternguard model to use a Mk8 armor torso. As much as I like the look, it's just too much of a pain in the ass to get the painted heads in there without damaging the paint. 
This guy also has a Forge World etched brass Aquila added to his shin. I bought a whole sheet of those, having seen them used to great effect on other peoples' models online. They are a major bitch to work with, however. The smallest two sizes are so tiny that it's nearly impossible to bend them neatly, and I ruined two of the smallest sizes working on this model. That's ok, as the sheet comes with tons of them. I'd originally planned to put an Aquila across his brow, or on the backs of his hands, but failed in the bending of the pieces and settled for the shin.
The tiniest two sizes also have minute detail on the feathers that is obliterated when you prime them. I know some folks use etched brass pieces without painting them, but it just looks odd to me when you have unpainted parts on a painted model.
I've already begun working on the fourth squad member. I've got him base coated in Ultramarine Shadow and a base picked out.

Then, there's the Hive Tyrant:
There's not a ton to see here. I've got three and a half color coats on him, with another quick coat of Olive Green needed before I continue up the spectrum. The flesh will match the rest of the model...eventually.
The 40mm base is there just to have something to hold on to while I paint, though I'm finding myself holding on to the top carapace as well due to the top heaviness of the model. When I'm don painting, I'll pop the model off the 40mm and put it on its proper 60mm.
I have 4 of 5 Genestealers mounted on wires and corks, and still have to build my cork holder. I also have to do some experiments on basing the Tyranids using grey-brown paint and resin sand, then adding static grass and small plants. Maybe a mulch-as-rock piece on the larger bases.
It's nice to be moving forward!


  1. I am always excited to check out your work! Glad to see the mental block has passed. I hate it when I get that way.

  2. The Sterguard looks great! Clean and smooth as we've come to expect of you.

    The Tyrant's pose is cool. It's dynamic and will look pretty intimidating with the arms on. He'll look great when you're done with him!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, the Tyrant will have the standard long talons up top in a slashing/stabbing pose, while the lower arms are from a Trygon and will be tucked in to protect his guts.