So Excited!

I have to say, I haven't been this excited about 40K in years. Basically since the last Marine Codex was released. Four days and a wake-up til I have the new Marine 'dex in my hands!

I have my preorder in to the shop for the book, a box of Sternguard, and the new Librarian. When I found out that the model's little demon-cherub thing was a separate part and didn't require any removal or alterations, I was sold. I'm not a huge fan of the bearded Merlin-style head, but there should be plenty of others in the Sternguard box to use as a substitute. Hell, I might even use one of the old bare heads I have kicking around or even a helmeted head, if one will fit.

The model in question is here, for those of you who haven't seen it yet:

Pretty snazzy, minus that effing cherub. He'll make a nice Tigurius, a character I'm happy finally has playable rules. I've really enjoyed his appearances in both Fall of Damnos and The Chapter's Due, so it will be fun to actually play him. I'd originally planned to use a modified version of Turmiel from the Dark Vengeance box as my on-foot Librarian/Tiggy, but this one is so much better. I'll save Turmiel for a jump-pack Librarian model and retire my old one. That model is sorely outdated and suffers from a serious case of Wobbly Model Syndrome.

I'm warming more to the idea of having Marines in my collection without helmets on. I was adamant in the past that I'd never have any, considering it tactically moronic. But the new heads in the new kits are really well done, so I might find my way to include some. I also really enjoyed painting skin when I did my sniper scouts.

I held off on buying any other new kits. While the Centurions have grown on me, I don't feel like shelling the cash for them just yet. Same with the Hunter tank. I'd love to start a unit of Vanguard, but it looks like their rules didn't get any better at all, though they're cheaper points-wise. I was sorely disappointed that the new Chaplain model is currently only available as part of a bundle with a Command Squad and a Razorback. I don't need either of those kits, so I'll wait on the Chaplain. I have a metal model sitting in a blister waiting for a jump pack anyways, and I have my counts-as Cassius for a foot version and my TDA version. I just need a biker Chaplain and I'll have one for every situation.

I am doing up a couple test 25mm base schemes for my Nids. I was waiting for paint to dry last night, so pics will come tomorrow or the day after.

I put a couple coats of midtone blue on my next Sternguard model and assembled the fifth squad member. Once those guys are done, I think I'm going to either do a standard bearer for a foot command squad (so I don't have to use my metal Honor Guard model as a lowly Company Banner Bearer) or start work on the two drop pods I have.

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