Picture Time!

It's time for some photos!

I'd mentioned that I'd bought a couple of Secret Weapon kits. One of the problems I ha when deciding if I should buy them was determining how big everything was. SW isn't legally allowed to show GW models in their product photos, so I'm going to do so for them! First up is the Tree Stumps kit:

They're good sized, but should probably be reserved for 40mm and up sized bases. Most simply won't fit on a 25mm alongside a model.

Then you've got the Broken Doric Column kit:.

Again, too large for a 25mm base, so stick with 40mm and up or terrain.

Both kits are of very high quality, with almost no visible mold lines. Some flash, sure, but it peels away without leaving much behind on the tree stumps. No flash whatsoever on the column pieces.

Now, here's the next Tactical Marine I've been working on:

Basic stuff. I'm trying to make an effort to use more grenades and wargear on my Marines' belts. Basic Marines get one item, Sternguard are getting two. I'm swimming in these little bits, so I should probably use them. They also break up the monotony of blue paint.

Speaking of Sternguard:

These guys were the last two members of the 5-man squad I'd planned out and tried airbrushed helmets for. I departed from the all-Mk8 armor theme, as I was simply having too many problems with fitting heads into necks/collars. The guy on the left is underwhelming because I used that plain skull-adorned torso. It works ok for a basic Marine who'll be all blue and gold, but it doesn't provide the gold areas needed to make a white/blue Marine stand out. Lesson learned.

Now I need to learn how to use these guys, having never run Sternguard before.


  1. Drop pods from what I've seen. Those basing bits look sweet.

    1. Yeah, they do make a good assassination unit when in a pod. Until I have some, I'll have to run them as a firebase unit. They have a solid variety of uses with Special Issue Ammo.

      The basing bits are indeed very nice. I also bought a Bag o Skulls from SW, but haven't taken any pics yet. The grass kit I bought also has some darker static grass mix that should tone down the bright GW stuff I use on my Marines so that it's not so jarring on the bases of my Nids.

  2. Awesome work! Can't wait to see a full squad!