Magic Markers

I've been rereading the new Marine codex over the last couple nights while watching hockey, and noticed that there are a lot of "once per game" effects in the Chapter Tactics and Warlord Traits tables. I'm terrible at remembering to use once per game effects. I'll run a Chapter Master and completely forget he has his orbital bombardment if I don't use it on the first turn.

To fix this, I've decided to brainstorm some ideas for markers for each effect.

Here's the list so far:

Warlord Traits
Angel of Death - one of the large DA angel icons, attached to a 25mm base. This one isn't a once-per-game, but it's easy to forget. If your HQ has a 25mm token following him around, you're less likely to forget to force those Fear checks.

Sword of the Imperium - One or two of the scabbarded Templar power swords attached to a 25mm base. Same deal as the Angel, but you can remove the marker once you've burned the single-use Furious Charge rule.

Storm of Fire - Two, three, or four spare bolters on a 25mm base. These easily represent a "storm of fire".

Rites of War - A back banner on a 25mm base, to represent what is essentially a built-in banner effect. A full on company banner would be too large and too distracting.

Iron Resolve - This one won't use bits. Just a "+1" cut from plasticard, with a few rivets added on to make it look like "iron". Simple.

Champion of Humanity - Not sure on this one, but my gut is to go with some heads on a pike, though that is a little Chaos-y. Maybe a single Epic Space Marine on a tiny plinth to represent a trophy?

Ultramarines Chapter Tactics
These are crazy simple, being just plasticard unit symbols for each type on 25mm or 40mm bases. I also thought about making some sort of flip-up/flip-down thing to represent used/unused doctrines. Maybe even three 25mm bases with each symbol in white, glued back-to-back with another base with the same symbol in red or black. Put them on a 60mm scenic base, with white side up for "available" and red or black for "used."

For the orbital bombardment, I'll probably just attach one of the large missiles from the Whirlwind kit to a 25mm base.

I don't think I'll go to any great lengths on painting these. Primer and some gold paint for the markers, black/white for the symbols.


  1. Custom markers are always cool, I like the ideas you've come up with here. Whenever I start thinking about making custom markers I inevitably find myself looking at all of the models I still need to paint and give up on the markers in despair!

    1. Thanks.
      The need to keep painting my models is the big reason I was/am planning to go these in very very basic schemes. Solid colors with a wash, and that's about it.

  2. Have you given to the button press options?