A Vow

I'm back at the blog after a while away, and I'm back with a bit of a vow.

You see, I looked at all the "2013 Wrapup" posts on all of the blogs I follow (and some I don't follow), and looked back at my own year. I'm not going to wrap up here, as most of the year is a misty, foggy blur. The one thing I did notice is that I spent a lot of time talking about painting and projects, and an ever-increasing amount of time posting pictures of that stuff. Talking about painting without accompanying pictures is pointless!

So, my vow for the blog going forward is that I will not post about painting projects and progress without at least one picture. I can't make any claims for quality of the photos, but there will be at least one for every project I discuss.

I had a nice 9 days off from work over the holidays. Thank goodness for paid vacation days! I didn't get (or want) any 40K stuff for XMas, but my wife did find me a really nice old roll-top desk to replace my scrapheap of a painting desk. Seriously, my desk was the remains of a big box store particleboard beast that I'd had since 2005 or so.
This new roll-top is great. It has all the little cubbies in the top, and drawers on each side. The roll-top is the greatest feature. I can now leave the door to the office open without fear of the cat smacking all my projects around. That same cat I posted about in early 2013 that broke half my models continued to knock projects off of the desk, scatter parts, etc. No more of that, stupid cat! Of course, as revenge she learned how to open the drawers on my bitz bin and grab parts out of them. I found a dozen shoulder pads scattered on the floor, as well as a metal Techmarine servo arm backpack. The bin lives in the closet for now, until I can figure out a solution.

I found plenty of time to paint over the break, but in keeping with my vow, I won't talk about it until I can take some pictures. I finally scrapped my desktop computer and switched to my laptop (which is the wife's old laptop, I inherit her old electronics). I had retained the use of the desktop purely for Photoshop 7, but I loaded GIMP onto the laptop instead. This should speed up the picture taking a little, as before I'd take the shots, pull them onto the desktop, edit, and upload to Photobucket. because the desktop was in the office, I had to take a break from whatever else I was doing to edit and upload. now I can just take the shots, and sit on my ass in the living room while watching hockey or a DVR'd show (currently working on episodes of Falling Skies Season 3) while editing and loading.

That is actually my plan for this evening. Load some old photos from the camera that I'd accumulated during October and November. You should see them in the next day or two.


  1. Sounds like a great present. A roll-top desk is a great idea to keep paws, and eventually little fingers, from getting a hold of stuff. Having a great hobby space makes all the difference in the world.

    1. Yeah, I'm really liking it so far. The little cubbies create a nice little protective overhang to hide half-finished models from things falling on them.
      The only snafu is that my OttLite doesn't fit under the roll top, so I just lay it down when I'm done and close the cover. The desk is also old, and has no holes in the back for cords and wires, so I had to put some Velcro on the side to hold a power strip in a handy location to plug in my light and airbrush compressor.

  2. Sweet! My own painting station is a bar in my basement that someone built and game me. Looking forward to more pix!