The Shadow in the Warp Arrives...

At long last, I have pictures of my Hive Tyrant! Yeah, after a year of working on this guy, he's finally been photographed.

And there you have it. Effing FINALLY.

I did a quick inventory of the piles of Nid stuff I have, and realized that it's not as much as it used to be. I ended up counting 11 or 12 Warriors, 9 FW Sky Slashers, one Limited Edition metal Lictor, one metal Lictor missing a leg, an OOP metal Tyrant Guard (saw a great Broodlord conversion which I was going to steal, based on the body), 27 Hormagaunts, 20 or so Genestealers, 3-4 Termagaunts, a Carnifex, a ton of Rippers, and piles of the weapon bitz that everyone has (venom cannons, deathspitters, spinefists, blah blah blah).
It was a nice reminder that I'm not as heavily invested in Tyranids as I thought I was. Thank goodness. I'll be able to download the new codex Friday or Saturday, and then decide if the Hormagaunts will find a new home or not. There is word that Deathleaper can be an HQ, which would be HUGE for me, as I have wanted to run a Lictor+Genestealer force from the get go. I also have enough Warriors to carry a core bulk of points (plus a set of FW Shrike wings, and a set of wings from WHFB Vargheists for more Shrikes). Actually doing the inventory helped me distress about how much crap I'm sitting on.

I made the decision last night to purge all of the codexes I do not plan to use. I'm also halting my encyclopedic collection of codexes. So, when new books come out in the future, I won't be picking them up purely to have them (and thereby enter into rules debates regarding armies I don't even play). It's time to spend my time and money on other things!

Next post will be the five Genestealers that I'm nearly finished with. I puttered around with their bases some last night, so they're nearly done.


  1. It's a good looking model with an awesome base and a great paint job. It's too bad it lost to a dry brushed Fateweaver.

  2. How does one wind up with 4 termagants? I wish there were more--I'd offer to buy them off you. I figure I likely need 8-16 more so that I can field Tervigons as troops in the new book (I have squads of 20+2 webbers).

    I'm happy to hear of your change in codex purchasing practice. Did my $900 2013 assessment have something to do with that decision? Frankly, I was astonished at the number when I did the math.

    Enough blather though, on to the important thing. I really like the Tyrant--I don't suppose he has wings to go along with him? The positioning is great with or without, so it'd be nice to have the flexibility. Though, most of the time that people take so much effort to paint things up this nice, they don't usually care to have magnets messing up the model.

    1. I used to have like 32 Termagants, but I traded 28 of them for a variety of things, based on per-model retail costs. Because the stuff I wanted wasn't an exact match on retail, I ended up with 4 Termas left over, lol.

      Yeah, the dollar value attached to the collection was definitely a factor. I don't NEED cash at all, but it suddenly felt silly to have a bookshelf that held several hundreds of dollars in rulebooks I'd read once and would never do so again. I sold my Eldar codex over the weekend. Took a loss, but no one ever profits on codexes bought at retail price!

      No, no wings for the Tyrant. It was exactly the situation you describe. I didn't want magnets jacking up the look of the model or chipping paint. He'll have to live his life as a slightly-less-effective version than he would have been in the old book.