Sorting Bitz

I finally found a few spare moments for 40K stuff last night, after all the farm planning, late season planting, and chicken raising. We've got twenty five meat birds and a dozen potential egg layers (some will turn out to be roosters) on the farm this year. I'm reframing an old shed into a coop, and am almost done after only spending less than fifty bucks or so on it.

Anyhow, I sat down for an hour last night and...sorted bitz. When we moved house, I just dumped everything into a gallon storage bag from the little hardware bins I'd had them sorted in. Putting them all back in the right bins is a chore, but strangely relaxing. It also allows me to take stock of all the stuff I've got and haven't looked at in ages. There's definitely some things that need to be purged or simply thrown out. Reclaimed shoulder pads and backpacks with glue in the attachment points, snipped off plasma pistols, etc.

There's no electricity in my painting room yet, since the house was built in 1800, and running wiring up there is expensive. If I find time to paint, it'll have to be at the dinner table or on the couch like I used to do years ago.

I'm still tossing ideas for Raven Guard lists around in my head. Hopefully I can put pen to paper soon.


  1. Why on earth would you dump organized bits into a storage bag? They couldn't have taken up that much room.

    No power in your painting room? Damn. You really are living the farm life!

    1. It was mostly because of the organizer I use. The individual bins don't have covers, so if you turn it, the bitz will spill out. I was going to end up with a bag of bitz either way, lol.

      There's only one plug in our entire second floor!

    2. Ah, gotcha. I figured you had something like I do where it's like a tray with sections and a clasping cover.

      That's crazy. Running power isn't overly expensive with a professional but I'm sure you have other priorities.

    3. Yeah, we'll have it done soon. Just have to get other financial ducks in rows first.