Bored and Apathetic

In the middle of last week I had drafted up a post going over a variety of things I could do to improve my overall army painting scores. I got about halfway done (2 pages, or thereabouts) when I let out a big sigh and scrapped the whole thing.
After the flurry of activity in which I engaged to prepare for the Standoff, I'm finding myself completely apathetic to painting and the game in general. The only thing I've done since then is put half a coat of primer on a plasma cannon Marine, throw a quick coat of Shadowed Steel on a magnetized multimelta for an attack bike, and clean and mount 5 helmeted heads for an airbrushing experiment that may eventually turn into a unit of Sternguard.
I guess I'm just sort of jammed up right now. I have the plasma cannon Marine nearly ready for paint, another attack bike waiting for primer, a comms relay waiting for primer, and the five heads as well. My main priority is the airbrush experiment, so I'm waiting to prime those with the airbrush, at which time I'll likely hit the rest of the stuff as well.
The problem with the airbrush is time. It takes time to set up the brush, mix/thin my paint/primer, and then clean up. The spraying is the easiest and fastest part!
So, when I do have motivation to work on something, I don't have the time available for lengthy setup. When I do have some time, I don't have the motivation to bother. Quite the cycle, but one that happens almost every time I do a big ramp-up for an event. It's sort of like climbing a mountain under a time constraint, and then coasting down the opposite slope.

The next "event" on the horizon is my FLGS's December monthly tourney. It's 1500 points and billed as a charity event. Bring canned goods or peanut butter to donate, and you can buy one-time bonuses based on your donation total. Here's the list of buyables:
  • Dice re-roll:    1 can
  • Auto hit on a deviation dice:   Peanut Butter
  • Redeploy a unit after initial set up:     5 cans
  • Unit/Model  gains Skyfire for the turn:   Peanut Butter
  • Unit/Model Snap fires on 5+ for the turn:    2 cans
  • Unit/Model Snap fires on 4+ for the turn:    5 cans
  • Deny the witch on 5+:    2 cans
  • Auto Pass a look Out Sir:   2 cans
  • Model/Unit gains eternal warrior for the turn:   5 cans
  • Model/Unit attacks gain instant death for the turn:  Peanut Butter
  • Model/Unit Attacks gain +1 Str for the turn:    5 cans
  • Model/Unit Attacks gain Rending for the turn:  2 cans
  • Model/Unit gains fleet for the turn:   2 cans
Some silly stuff, and some really good stuff. All in the name of charity for one of the local food banks. Yes, some folks are inwardly groaning about the prospect of Daemon armies with a flat of peanut butter and unerring scatters for Flamers, but who cares? That's like $30+ donated to a good cause. The auto-hit is also being drooled over by players with Manticores and Deathstrikes.
There are a lot of neat toys here, and hopefully that will entice folks to bring a lot of stuff to donate.

I'm not sure what I would bring for a list to this one. I drafted up a few lists before the change to charity format, but I think I'll revise now to make the list a little more goofy and fun. Do I run something outlandishly top-heavy, like a 10-Terminator list? Something far too elite and small, like Deathwing? Marines are hard to make silly!
What would you bring to an event like this?


  1. Seeing as it can get silly because of donations, I like your idea of just making a fun list. What about your dakka list you mentioned last week?

    1. I was thinking about something like that. Or maybe try to see how many infantry models I can cram into 1500 points.

  2. I can understand what you mean about being burned out after an event like the Standoff. I usually do the same thing to myself and have to take a week or so off from the hobby.

    As for the list, maybe you can go with a Master of the Forge and bike captain list. Take the MotF on bike with conversion beamer, some biker troops, maybe scout bikers with location beacons and a bunch of dredds in pods.

    1. If only I owned all those models. I have Dreads, but no pods. A MotF, but not on a bike. Scout bikers aren't built yet.

  3. Codex Company? ie 6 tacticals, 2 assault, 2 dev?

    1. Not sure how I'd fit that into 1500 points...

  4. I at least have the focus of a new codex dropping in a few months, trying hard to get the tanks and another squad or three of terminators finished before it drops.