Raven Guard Sergeant Progress

Just a smallish update today. I spent a little time working on the Sergeant, roughing out the shapes of his hand and arm.
First I got the fingers laid out, and a small wad of Brown Stuff pushed into place for the general structure of his arm/elbow. I like this better than a wire skeleton, as I know I can just rip it out of there if I really hate it.

As you can see, really rough work, but I got the general shapes and dimensions in there. Then I started work on the arm/sleeve/elbow/whatever with Green Stuff, as it flows better than Brown Stuff. Brown Stuff is spectacular stuff, but it gets a little grainy when worked too much, and it's intended for sharp lines and sandable edges, instead of folds and curves.

This is where the Sergeant sits as of now. I need to go back in and file his fingers smooth and then patch any low areas with GS. The one thing that's really bugging me is the side-on view of the arm. In the picture immediately above this text, the elbow and bicep area look fine. But in the side-on shot, you can see that the arm looks a little...puffy. There's an unnatural angle to the area right behind the forearm cuff of the gauntlet.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this? It sort of looks like I need to point the gauntlet upward more or something. I can't quite figure out what the problem is, and how to fix it.

Oh, and because Khorne Inquisitor asked about on his blog, here's a picture of my blotting/wiping towel, though this one is relatively fresh.


  1. Very nice! I like the wrinkles in the crook of the elbow. Where do you buy your brown stuff from? Did an awesome job with the fingers too!
    Surprised to see your blotting cloth having that much black on it.

    1. Thanks, man.
      I bought a huge supply of Brown Stuff on Bartertown years ago.
      The black on the cloth is from my brush on primer (black craft paint and glass/tile medium).

  2. Looking good.

    I think it's just a little too thick on the arm where it goes into the gauntlet at the top, right after that bend. I have no good suggestions on how to thin it down though. I might take a sharp hobby knife and shave that down and some light sanding might square it up. If not, shave it down a bit more and then re-greenstuff the top portion again.

    1. Thanks.
      I ended up shaving some of the arm down around the entire area of the forearm. It's not perfect, and I got impatient and primed him, but I may go back and fudge around with it some more by ripping out all of the GS entirely.