Dreadtober Update #4: Work Complete!

This is my final Dreadtober update, because I successfully finished the model!

Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought

Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought

Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought

Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought
Firstly, I fixed the sepia tone of my images. I covered the table with white paper to prevent the brown color from reflecting up onto the model. I also discovered that the shrouds I put over my front lights actually had small burns on them from the lightbulb heat. I changed those and it may have helped. Of course, fixing the white balance in GIMP also helps.
I replaced the model's right shin plate with one from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue. Many thanks to Berman from A Painted Life for the new plate. I like the bit of asymmetry it creates against the left plate. I really like the brass ribbed pipes. They break up the silver nicely. I didn't go with colored cables like I did on my Leviathan, mostly because the one power cable I'd apply color to is hard to reach on the lascannon. It crosses over that brass cable awkwardly.
The decals on the sarcophagus came out nicely. The XIX numerals came from an IG vehicle sprue, while the icons came from the Forgeworld Raven Guard sheet. I went with a grey-white for this model, and did edge highlights in pure white. You can't really see it in the pictures, but you can in person. I like the effect a lot, and it should stand out even better on infantry models that have more edges.
I played three games with this model last weekend before he was 100% complete. He's pretty ineffective with this armament. He just doesn't have the rate of fire needed to be a true anti-tank threat. After the Standish Standoff, I'll probably give him a new set of arms. Maybe multimelta and Dreadnought close combat weapon.
Next up is my 5-man Tactical squad packing plasma weaponry. I've already base coated the black and am at the edge highlight stage.


  1. Very nice work. I like this white approach, using the grey with white highlights. Just adds more depth.

    Dreadnoughts, in my experience, have never been a real ranged threat. Even with two weapons as you have it. I feel like 3 weapons is the magic number, like a Predator. You can get lucky with a Dreadnought at range of course.

    Plus, with the increase to attacks, they really are better suited for getting in close, IE: multi-melta as you said.

    1. Thanks. I am half tempted to paint some Veterans to try the scheme out on power armor or even Terminator armor.

      Multimelta and storm bolter should work, maybe with an infantry screen to make sure it gets into firing range. Dropping a regular Dread via pod starts feels like a throw away tactic.

    2. I know what you mean about a throw away tactic.

      Screening with infantry is a bit tricky I find. They can slow down the Dread, and generally be in the way when you want to break out from there. It just makes things a bit awkward. It works, just takes some getting used to.

    3. If I do use an infantry screen, it'll just be a five man squad or a jump unit. I remember your troubles using Cultists to screen Helbrutes.