Armor Complete, More Army List Questions

I found some extra time yesterday, so I worked some more on the Tyrant's body parts. I think I've gotten the armor plating to a point where I can consider them "done."
Here's one of this claws:

And then his head:

I just started working on the streak method after the Faded Khaki layer. I went for a 2:1 Faded Khaki to Stained Ivory mix, then a 1:2 mix of the same colors, then straight Stained Ivory, and finally some very light lines of Yellowed Bone.

The streaking is both a simple and challenging technique. Essentially all you're doing is drawing some thin lines on the model, but the trick is keeping your paint of the correct consistency, a nice point on your brush, and then spacing the lines of varying lengths properly so that it doesn't just look like an edge highlight or very poor color blend. It took some practice, and you can probably see a couple screw-ups in there.
Overall, I like how it looks. What do you think?
  The next step will be the talon blades and elbow spikes. I'm leaving the forearm spikes the same body color green, as there's no distinct separator from the forearm itself.
I'm planning to start the talons out with a golden tan, then blend out to the blade edges to a yellowed off-white. I'll then use a suggestion from the folks over at Warpshadow, and use purple blotching around the meeting of armor plates and talon blades to create a visual distinction between the two areas.

After that will come the ribbed flesh and joint areas. I'm leaning towards purple for those, as it will compliment both the green and the ivory tones. I'd originally thought of using a hot pink color, but I don't think it would look very good against green and ivory.

I've decided to try to trade off the 24 new-on-sprue Termagaunts I have acquired for some Warrior models. I am trying to do a retail-for-retail value trade, meaning those 24 Gaunts on sprue would bring in 4 Warriors on sprue. I have an ad up over at Bartertown, so we'll see. If any of you dear readers are interested in such a deal, let me know. I'd be after 4 sprues of Warriors, and one of the upgrade sprues that come with the kit. Also, all of the Rippers have been removed from my Gaunt sprues so there's some wiggle room there.

I also thought about revising my 1000-point starter list, and taking out the Hive Tyrant. Yes, he's an awesome unit and model, but in a 1000 point game, he eats up over 20% of my points. I'm thinking of switching to either a Prime to compliment the Warriors int he list and be crazy cheap for what he does (seriously, like 105 points for a nasty, nasty melee Prime). Alternatively, I was thinking about the Parasite of Mortrex, because he's a great modeling opportunity and his rules are seriously fun. He's not an overpowering force, he's just a fun HQ.

Regarding a Prime though, is it better to take the dual boneswords, or the lash/bonesword setup? He runs at Initiative 5, and so would outpace many basic units, but not any Marine Captain-level HQs. Without an Invulnerable save, I'm concerned that if he runs with dual boneswords he'll end up dying right alongside the HQ he's trying to challenge/assassinate. Dual swords also doesn't help him against most non-HQ units, as the instant death value of dual swords is lost on single wound models.


  1. First off, he's looking great. I think those color choices really work well together. It has your typical smooth blends, which is awesome, but I think the bone needs to pop more. The highlight/streaking isn't so far removed from your shading. Definitely a more realistic approach but on the table all that subtle blending will be lost. I'd try, on a test piece, doing that bone up to white. Just go from the edge in a bit so it looks like a streak and not a highlight but don't extend it as far as the layer under it. Know what I mean?

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I was debating going another shade or two towards white, but wasn't sure. I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to go all the way to pure white, though. It would just be far too stark against what is there already. Maybe a 2:1 mix of the next lightest color in the color triad and white. Used sparingly, I think it can work.