Yeah, Purple!

I settled on purple as the color for the ribbed flesh on my Tyranids. Here's what the first pass looked like:

It's Reaper master series Indigo Sky, washed with Leviathan Purple, back to Indigo Sky, then Pale Indigo. it looks nice and rich, but didn't pop as much as I wanted it to. I needed more contrast, so I mixed the Indigo Sky with Ghost White at a 1:1 ratio. The result:

The shot is washed out by the light. For some reason, the large claws always get washed out, and the small ones don't. This is also after cleaning up the green, as I'd gotten brown and purple on small areas and had to fix things up. The talons are all now ready for Dullcote, but the head is waiting for the teeth to be painted. I'm going with a simple ivory there.

I also did some sculpting on the Tyrant's body. I was waffling on filling his back vents, and just decided to go for it:

Pretty simple process. Just push a wad of GS in the vent, and poke repeatedly at it with a skewer or round toothpick. Be sure to drag the edges of the GS upward against the plastic of the vents, or it won't look natural.
I also ripped of the hooves I'd sculpted onto the feet. They just didn't look right. I'm still not sure I like the new ones. I'll get a shot after they're done.


  1. That purple works well, good choice there. I like the vents too. It's a simple thing that is really going to make the model standout once it's done.

    1. Thanks.
      I tore the sculting off the feet for a second time just now, as it just isn't matching the simple effectiveness of the vents. I have a really hard time sculpting things twice. I'll get one hoof looking awesome, or at least passable, and then butcher the other one. At this point I'm just filing them flat, smoothing with a coat of Liquid GS, and using faux painting techniques to give them some texture.