Purple, or Green?

At long last, the Tyrant's claws are largely finished. I spent the last couple sessions painting the blades, and last night I went back in with pure white and did some highlights, including adding some final streaks of pure white to the armor parts. This is what the talons look like now:

The last thing I need to do on these before moving to the main body is to decide what to do with the ribbed flesh areas on the arms and "hands." My original plan was to make those areas purple, along with tongues and tentacles. In addition, I was thinking of adding some purple spotting to the blades. But now I'm not so sure. I'm second guessing myself and thinking that maybe I'll make the ribbed areas a vibrant green using ink, and skipping the spotting on the blades. My thought now is that maybe purple would be one color too many in the palette.

Any suggestions?

I have to do something with those areas, as they blend in too much with the rest of the arms to leave plain.


  1. Those blades are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    I would go with a dark purple for the vented areas on the arms.

    Absolutely gorgeous, don't touch that blade.


    1. Thanks!
      I wasn't sure about the blade spotting. I've only seen it done on Hormagaunts, who have differently shaped talons. I played around a bit in Photoshop with the pics above, and every time I added the spotting to the talon blades, they clashed with the fullers/runnels on them.
      I think you're right, and that purple is the way to go. It'll break up the large fields fo green nicely. I've seen it done with a hot pink, which looked great, but I don't want to copy the source exactly.