Just Over 24 Hours

Yes, in just over 24 hours I'll be stepping into the FLGS for the second annual Standish Standoff. 32 player 40K event. 1850 points, composition rubric, and painting competitions.
I've been working on models to shore up my army for a while now, and spent another 3 hours on them last night. I need to put in a couple more hours this evening, and then I'll be ready.
I've spent all my free time painting, so beyond a general breakdown of what armies will be present (pretty much one of almost every conceivable combination of core and allies), I have no clue what I'll be facing. I haven't played all that many games of 6th Edition, either.

All I really care about for the day is getting in three enjoyable, non-contentious games. Oh, and the pub quiz. Pub quizzes are my favorite extracurricular at these events, because I really like to see how my fluff knowledge stacks up againt the test.

I'll have short batreps availabel next week for your reading pleasure. I don't do turn-by-turn batreps anymore, because I can rarely remember the turn-by-turn of games more than an hour after playing them. I focus on general tactics and specific situational outcomes. I find that more useful than the turn-by-turn rundown, because the specific turn-by-turn will never be repeated by anyone, ever.

Wish me luck in hammering out the rest of these last two models before tomorrow!


  1. I've got a few last touches to do on my display tray and I'm ready. Nothing like last minute work, eh?

    1. I wanted to have a brand new tray for this, but just didn't have the free time.
      Thankfully, my wife is being understanding about the need to paint a ton these last two days to cap things off.